Working Hard & Working Smart [8 Effective Guides]

Working Hard & Working Smart [8 Effective Guides]

Are you confused about working hard or working smart?


Are you working hard, but yet, your hardwork is not yielding the desired result.

You’re in luck, because that’s what I’m about to share with you.

Here, you’ll find 8 definitive guides that will enable you work harder and work smarter at the same time.

Each guide will help you learn to work harder and work smarter simultaneously.

Working Hard [Meaning]

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Working hard is the act of exerting strength or faculties to do or perform something. It also means something that requires lots of effort, either physically or emotionally.

Hard work is the act of a person, taking their work seriously and doing it well and rapidly.

Working Smart [Meaning]

Working smart is the act of putting in less amount of time and energy performing the same amount of work.

Smart work means expending lesser energy and time on accomplishing a task that’s originally supposed to take more time.

Are You Working Hard Or Working Smart

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It is a known fact that people need to work hard to achieve success in life, accomplish their goals, dreams, aims and aspirations in life.

However, if people work harder and work smarter at the same time, they can do much more than accomplishing tasks, they can become more efficient in carrying out their tasks.

A lot of people in our world today hates working hard, but they all want to achieve success. Others hate using their brainpower, but still, they want to achieve success.

You can do a lot more and be a better person if you combine your hard work with smart work.

The people mentioned above are the kind of people who substitute working hard for working smart.

You might be one of them.

Are You Hardworking Or Smart-working?

“Hard work shows that a person is striving hard towards achieving a particular goal. While smart work shows that a person is achieving the said goal but in an efficient way.” Click To Tweet

As humans, we always look out for the quickest way of finishing a particular task. It’s normal.

Most people are of the impression that to achieve their goals, they need to work extremely hard and not work smart.

Though they are not entirely wrong, they are ignorant of the fact that they can do the same amount of work in a shorter time by only working smarter.

“Instead of working hard or working smart, we should learn to work harder in a much smarter way.”

We should learn to combine working hard and working smart.

Telling the difference between working hard and working smart is possible.

Are you substituting hard work for smart work? Here are two ways you can find out.

  1. Always looking for the shortest way out,
  2. Hates working hard.

8 Definitive Guide On Working Hard And Working Smart Simultaneously

Do you know that everyone wants to achieve the same goal as yourself, and they are already working hard, they might even be working harder than you.

Combining working hard and working smart is the only thing capable of giving you a distinction between you and your competitors.

A wise businessman once said;

“Work like someone is working 24 hours a day to take it away from you.”

Here are eight definitive steps on working hard and working smart simultaneously.

  1. Get A Thorough Understanding Of The Objective,
  2. Understand your strength and weakness,
  3. Focus More On The Most Important Tasks,
  4. Look For The Shortest And Most Efficient Way Out,
  5. Maximize Your Time Thoroughly,
  6. Create A Vision,
  7. Learn From Others,
  8. Review Regularly.

#1. Get A Thorough Understanding Of The Objective,

Understand the objective

To be able to work hard and work smart simultaneously, you need to get a thorough understanding of the objective.

You can never be able to get a clear understanding of the objective if you do not work hard.

Hard work makes you understand the task better.

The only way to understand the objective is by working hard, and when you understand the objective, you’ll be able to achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

#2. Understand Your Strength And Weakness,

You know yourself better than everyone, to be able to work hard and smart at the same time, you need to be able to understand your strength and weakness.

While working hard aimlessly, you could quickly become tired, and this could reduce your self-confidence, strength and will power. But working hard and smart at the same time can help save both time and energy.

The ability to understand your strength and weakness before carrying out any task is equivalent to working smart.

#3. Focus More On The Most Important Tasks,

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Smart workers don’t focus on the less important tasks; they focus on prioritizing the most important tasks to enable them to complete their tasks efficiently.

To work smart in all you do, you need to focus more on the most important tasks.

Stop giving more attention to the less important tasks.

Focus more on the tasks that tend to bring a good result.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not saying you shouldn’t give your time and attention to the less important tasks, instead focus more on the most important tasks because the most important tasks tend to bring more result.

#4. Look For The Shortest And Most Efficient Way Out,

Human brain — maximizing the power of the night

Ask yourself the following question;

Is there a way for me to achieve my goals with the same quality of work but in a more efficient way?

Look for the shortcuts, but don’t go after the shortcuts that will make your laid down goals half-accomplished. Go after the shortcuts that will make the work easier for you and give you the same result as working hard.

Finding shortcuts cannot be possible if you do not understand the normal process that is required to accomplish something and that cannot be possible if you do not work hard.

It is, however, unfortunate to state that most people try looking for the shortcut at any given opportunity, they don’t work hard first to enable them to have a clear understanding of accomplishing their desired goal.

“Shortcut may cut short your life.”

— Pastor Stanley Osagie

#5. Maximize Your Time Thoroughly,

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Maximizing your time is a very important step in combining hard work with smart work.

A person who does not maximize his/her time is bound to have problems in future.

Smart work and time management go hand in hand.

Working smart is making the most of every minute of your hard work⁠.

Setting a time limit is the most efficient step in working smart.

When you set a time limit on a specific goal you hope to accomplish, wasting time becomes extremely difficult.

Working hard in a smart way is time management.

#6. Create A Vision,


Working hard and working smart simultaneously can never be possible if you don’t create a vision.

Write a vision, put it upon a table that he may run that reads it.

— Habakkuk 2:2

Your vision is what’s going to guide you while you work.

Without a vision, you are merely working hard aimlessly.

#7. Learn From Others,

A smart worker learns from others. The success of a man who works hard and does not learn from others is not assured.

Most people prefer doing things on their own and do not like disturbing others. Though that’s great, but sometimes, learning from others can get us a more efficient result than doing it alone.

Don’t be ashamed to learn, because no appreciates hard work, only success.

#8. Review Regularly.

Harnessing and maximizing the power of the night

Review simply means ‘a general survey (as of the events of a period).’

Every once a while, do a review of everything you’ve done in the past week or weeks and take note of the results.

Analyze the steps you took that worked out well and the one’s that didn’t work out well, then take more of the steps that favoured you, that’s working smart.



Working smart is all about understanding the big picture.

The most important thing to be taken care is that only a hard-working person can work smart as only he will know the most efficient way to achieve his laid down goals.

  1. Which of the following step did you find more intriguing?
  2. Do you agree with everything listed above?
  3. What steps have worked for you?

Leave your answers in the comments below;

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