Unravelling Your Potential In Life [12 Steps That Works]

Unravelling Your Potential In Life [12 Steps That Works]

Have the thought of unravelling, discovering or unleashing your potential ever crossed your mind?

Imagine living a life with unlimited potential, and the ability to achieve anything you want to achieve.

Or even better!

What if you know 12 definitive steps on unravelling, unleashing or discovering your potential?

You’re in luck because that’s what I’m about to share with you.

Each step will help you unleash your potential and uniqueness, and help you discover what makes you so special and different from the others.

Here, you’ll find 12 definitive steps on unravelling, discovering and unleashing your potential.

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Potential [Meaning]

Potential - unravelling your potential

Potential refers to unrealised abilities, it is also latent qualities or skills that may be formulated and lead to future success or usefulness.

It also means having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future.

Unravelling Your Potential [Meaning]

Man multitasking — unravelling potential

Unravel‘, means to discover and to discover means ‘to come to an awareness of something or to make known or visible.’

Unravelling your potential means to come to the awareness of your unrealised abilities that can lead you to future success and usefulness.

It the act of making your unrealised abilities known or visible to yourself.

What Is Your Potential?

Unravelling your potential — Question mark

Unravelling or unleashing of one’s potential is one of life’s greatest challenges, and not many have successfully unravelled their potential.

If you have not yet discovered your potential, it means that you still haven’t discovered the purpose of your existence, and neither have you started living. In a nutshell, you are simply wasting valuable time.

Being alive, and yet ignorant of your uniqueness, is like being dead.

You can do mighty, beautiful and wonderful things for this world and yourself if you put your mind power to work.

Your potential is your hidden ability; it is what distinguishes you from every other individual. It is your unique gift.

Your potential is greater than you know it; the only thing impossible in this world is the word impossible.

“And the Lord said, … And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them.”

— Genesis 11:6

When you set your mind to achieving anything, the possibilities are endless.

You can do anything you set your mind to.

Your potential is as great as a high mountain.

You cannot achieve your vision in life without unleashing your potential.

Have You Unravelled Your Potential?

Man pondering— unravel your potential

You should ask yourself some important questions and make amends.

Have I Unravelled My Potential?

That’s a crucial question we should ask ourselves once a while. Imagine living a life, and still, ignorant of what you are capable of.

You have to unleash your potential to achieve your dream.

A lion raised by a sheep will behave like a sheep and will run when chased by a lion like itself, or other animals.

But when it unravels it’s potential, it’ll come to the knowledge of the fact that it’s one of the strongest animals in the wild and that other animals are supposed to tremble at the sight of it and not otherwise.

One thing I always say is;

People tend to give you what you give to yourself.

Do you know that when you discover and unleash your potential, the way and manner you carry yourself become different?

Unleashing your potential helps to increase your self-esteem.

Unravelling Your Potential [12 Definitive Steps]

Man unravelling his potential

Unravelling your potential means to bring your potential to light, discovering it and make it known or it means to separate the threads.

Your potential is like a mystery, and only you can unravel it.

Do you know that your potential can be unravelled?

You can unravel your potential following the simple steps below;

  1. Make Up Your Mind On Unravelling Your Potential,
  2. Know That You Haven’t Unravelled It Yet,
  3. Know Yourself,
  4. Take Advantage Of Challenges,
  5. Take Cognizance Of Your Talents,
  6. Consistently Pursue Personal Growth,
  7. Raise Your Standards,
  8. Eliminate Bad Habits,
  9. Set Achievable Goals,
  10. Stay Consistent,
  11. Stay Positive And Think Positive,
  12. Put Your Hope On God.

#1. Make Up Your Mind On Unravelling Your Potential,

Human Brain — Potential

When you put your mind power to work, the possibilities are endless.

The best advice is the one you give to yourself.

To unravel your potential, you need to make up your mind on unravelling your potential.

Our mind is our greatest asset, you can be anything you want if you harness the power of your mind.

#2. Know That Your Potential Has Not Yet Been Unravelled,

Man talking - Unravelling potential

The second step to unravelling or unleashing your potential is to come to the knowledge of the fact that your potential has not yet been unravelled.

Put aside everything you know, tell yourself, you know nothing and come to the reality of the fact that you have not yet unravelled the mystery of what you can do.

When you begin to feel as if you know something too much, and you pride yourself in it, the universe has a unique way of humbling you.

Put aside your recent achievement and tell yourself that you can do more if you can know yourself and realise yourself deeper.

You are you; You should know yourself better than anyone.

To discover your potential, you need to come to the knowledge of the fact that you have not yet discovered your potential.

#3. Know Yourself,

Here’s a fact — You are the only one who knows yourself better than everyone else.

Others can speculate, guess or ask, but they are not 100% sure of the kind of person you are.

Self-discovery is a very important step in unravelling or unleashing your potential.

The key to understanding yourself is to find your strengths and weaknesses.

When you understand your strength and weaknesses, you ask yourself how you can grow in strength and overcome your weaknesses.

Understanding yourself is a great way to discover and unleash your potential and uniqueness.

#4. Take Advantage Of Challenges,

Man pushing a boulder

To unravel your potential, you need to take advantage of Challenges.

It takes courage to unleash your potential.

Challenges aren’t meant to break you or make you feel weak; they are intended to make you stronger, bolder and better than you were.

Many of the great men and women today who have made remarkable achievement and impacted lives positively, at one time or the other, they all had some Challenges.

But their refusal to yield to their challenges is what gave them the ability to achieve success.

Ben Carson would never have known that he had the potential to become the best Neurosurgeon in the world if he had not taken on his Challenges.

You have to face your fears, conquer your challenges to discover your potential.

A life without challenge and risk is not worth living.

#5. Take Cognizance of your Talent,

Talent refers to a characteristic feature, aptitude or the natural endowments of a person.

Most people fail in unravelling their potential because of their inability to take cognizance of their talents.

Apart from your potential, your talent is what makes you unique and different from every other person.

Taking Cognizance Of Your Talents is a very crucial step to unravelling your potential.

#6. Consistently Pursue Personal Growth,

Girl running

Personal growth refers to a process by which a person discovers and continually develops his/herself, to attain his/her full potential.

To unravel your potential, Personal Growth is a very important step that must be considered.

The power of pursuing personal growth cannot be overemphasized, personal growth is a very important part of self-discovery.

#7. Raise Your Standards,

Standards refer to the behaviours or characters you hold yourself to.

Unravelling your potential cannot be possible if you do not learn to raise your standards.

One of the major advantages of raising your standards is that your health, work and self-esteem improves.

To unravel your potential, you need to raise your standards.

#8. Eliminate Bad Habits,

Sad girl — unraveling your potential

Habits are a behaviour pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance.

Bad habits are those things you do that have formed a pattern in your life, and most of the time, you aren’t even aware of.

Most of the decisions we make subconsciously have a way of affecting our lives positively or negatively.

This is why working on our bad habits is so important.

I want you to look deep within yourself, you know those things you do that can bring about adverse changes in you, those things you do that you know are bad, but you overlook. I want you to do away with your bad habits.

You might feel that it’s normal. Of course, it is normal, but when a habit isn’t tackled with care, they become addictions, addictions bring regrets and low self-esteem.

You can’t change your habits overnight, but once you’ve successfully changed them, they’ll make a great impact on your life.

#9. Set Achievable Goals,

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

To unleash or unravel your potential, you need to make achievable goals.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t set big goals, but ask yourself;

How many of those big goals have I been able to accomplish?

A lot of people find big goals intimidating and frustrating, instead of procrastinating, start small and end big.

Setting achievable goals is the step by step process to staying consistent and discovering your potential.

When you know that you’ve become good at doing something, you’ll then try improving yourself.

Every day, leap higher than yesterday

#10. Stay Consistent,

Consistency — Unravelling your potential

The most crucial step on unravelling your potential is by staying consistent.

To discover how potential, you need to stay consistent at doing what you know how to do.

Most people are where they are today because they gave up quickly.

Consistency is a significant step in unravelling your potential.

#11. Stay Positive And Think Positive,

To unravel your potential, you need to get rid of negative thinking.

Positive thinking is very important in unravelling your potential.

Keeping a positive attitude every day is one of the most prominent ways of discovering your unique ability.

No one can demoralize you unless you allow them.

‎#12. Keep Your Hope Alive In God,

You can never discover your potential if you do not keep your hope alive in God.

With …the people who know their God will be strong and take action.

— Daniel 11:32

God is capable of doing things beyond your wildest imagination. He alone can help you in unravelling your potential

Trust in him, and you’ll not just find your potential, but you’ll maximise it to the fullest.


You can never unravel your potential at the snap of a finger.

Unravelling your potential takes time, consistency and dedication.

You may realize it or not, but you were born with great gifts and talents.

The 12 definitive steps listed above, are the most important in unravelling or unleashing your potential.

  1. Which of the steps do you like the most?
  2. Which of the steps would you try first?
  3. And which of the steps has worked out well for you?

Leave your answers in the comments below;

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