7 Essential Tips On Staying Consistent

Steps on staying consistent.

Have you been working in something and you’ve been wondering why you do not yet see positive results?

Once, there were two young men, Darlington and his friend, Paul. They were both working on a project. If successful, the said project could make them famous, lift them and fetch them millions within months.

A common thing with most projects is that they just don’t seem to work out at first; they need patience and consistency.

One day, Darlington heard of a get-rich-quick scheme, according to his source, the said platform could make them rich in a matter of days.

Darlington wanted Paul to be a part of it, but Paul refused. Darlington then took his share of the said project, sold it and invested it in his newfound platform.

Though the work was too complicated and stressful for Paul, he single-handedly took over the project, and in a few months, it became a success.

The news went round that Paul’s project was a success, Darlington heard the news, but it was too late for him as he had already taken his share of the project. So, he lost his right to it.

A few weeks later, Darlington heard of another quicker means of making money, then he left his old platform and went after the newer platform.

Darlington became a confused man, and confusion turned into frustration.

Here’s how you can be consistent.

Meaning Of Consistency

Consistency means persisting in a state, enterprise or undertaking despite counter influences, opposition or discouragement.

It is the act of continuing doing what you are doing although you are not yet seeing result or the mockery, scorn, critics and discouragements from people.

Consistency is one of the unique characteristics of determination.

Are You Consistent?

Consistency is one of the keys to conquering challenges, being successful and unveiling your potential.

The main reason people give up easily in life is that they lack the spirit of Consistency.

A consistent spirit combined with a persistent spirit is equal to success.
Consistency and Persistency = Success

To be consistent, you need to be able to continue doing what you are doing, and you need to be able to shun the scorn, discouragements from people.

You need to be able to look beyond your mistakes.

The mistakes of yesterday do not move a consistent man.

Being consistent is an essential tool for making impacts on lives and situations around you.

Men and women of impact are people who were consistent in doing what they were good at. They were people who didn’t allow the mistakes of yesterday to ruin their today or determine the reality of their tomorrow.

Question for thoughts;

Are You Persistent?

Anyone who gives up quickly is doomed to remain a failure for as long as he/she lives

To be excel in life, do great wonders and make many achievements, you need to be consistent.

The destruction of any inconsistent man is already set; it’s just waiting for the right time to begin its manifestation in reality.

An inconsistent man will end up both confused and frustrated.
Inconsistency + Impatience = Confusion

An inconsistent man is an impatient man.

From the little story above, Darlington was inconsistent, so lost a project he worked hard to build.

Darlington, later on, started looking for get-rich-quick schemes and he ended up frustrated and confused.

An inconsistent man is always going to be confused.

An inconsistent man never accomplishes his goals, and neither does he achieves his vision.

6 Essential Tips On Staying Consistent.

Although staying consistent is a challenging task, it is still possible.

Success is not final, and neither is failure fatal. It is the courage to stay consistent that counts.

Staying consistent is very important in achieving your dreams.

Here are seven ways you can be consistent;

  1. Renewing And Retraining Your Mind,
  2. Maximizing Your Today,
  3. Write A Vision,
  4. Unravelling Your Potential,
  5. Doing Away With Your Bad Habits,
  6. Staying Disciplined,
  7. Relying On God For Strength.

Renewing And Retraining Your Mind,

One of the most prominent ways on how you can stay consistent is by making up your mind.

Who you are now is a reflection of your mind.

To stay consistent, you need to renew and retrain your mind.

Your mind is the entity that’s capable of lifting you or pulling you down.

Make up your mind that you want to stay consistent at doing something, tell yourself that you’ll never give up no matter the circumstances.

Anything you tell yourself is half-accomplished.

When you tell yourself that you want to stay consistent, your mind begins to work in that direction.

Your mind is the greatest asset bestowed upon you by God.

Maximizing Your Tims,

Learn to take advantage of each passing minute. Every second is unique.

You can be consistent by maximising your time. Plan your day before it even begins.

When you have a plan on how you are going to spend your day, you’ll find it hard to waste time unnecessarily.

You cannot avoid the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

— Abraham Lincoln

Maximize your days because when lost, it can never be regained.

There is enough time for you to carry out any activities you wish to carry out.

Life is not about waiting for the storm to stop but learning to dance in the rain.

If you wait for the perfect moment to do something, it’ll never be done.

Write A Vision,

God said unto Habakkuk;

Write a vision, make it plain upon the table that he who reads it may run.

Habakkuk 2:2

The easiest way to staying Consistent is by writing a Vision.

A written vision is a half-achieved one. Any vision that has not been written cannot be achieved.

One of the ways on how you can stay consistent is by writing a vision for your future.

When you write a vision for your future, it guides your actions and thoughts. A man with a vision is one who is consistent.

Achieving your vision becomes easier when you write it down.

Unravelling Your Potential,

You are not inconsistent because you are weak or timid; you have the potential to become consistent.

You still feel that a particular thing is too big for you to handle because you have not yet unravelled your potential. Your potential can be explained. Yes, you can resolve your potential.

Potential refers to unrealised abilities.

You can stay consistent if you unravel your potential.

Doing Away With Your Bad Habits,

You can stay consistent in your effort by doing away with your bad habits and addictions.

Procrastination is a thief of time. It is a terrible habit.

Procrastination is capable of hindering you from staying consistent. You can do away with procrastination and also get rid of your habits.

Consistency is only possible if no bad habits or addiction is hindering you.

The reason most people start doing something, then suddenly they quit because they didn’t get their desired result is because they are inconsistent.

Others feel too lazy to do anything, and they keep putting off the important tasks until it’s too late, that’s Procrastination.

Staying Disciplined,

To be disciplined, you need to be consistent, and one of the ways you can stay consistent is by being disciplined.

Staying disciplined is the key to staying consistent.

A disciplined man will not give up when certain things happen; instead, it will make him stronger and better than he previously was.

Discipline is nearly equivalent to Consistency.

Most successful people in our world today are consistent.

A disciplined man will stay away from anything that is set to deviate his attention and time from his work.

To be consistent, you need to make principles to guide your life. It is only a disciplined man that’ll adhere to his policies.

Trusting God For Strength.

God is the only one capable of strengthening you. You can never stay consistent without God.

Your strength will fail you buy God can and will never fail you.

Believe me when I tell you;

You can go somewhere without God, but certainly not too far.

The best and most rewarding way on how you can be consistent is by trusting God for strength.

There were times in my life when I would have easily given up in life, and God saw me through. He can see you through too. He’s your father.

In everything you do, Go back to your Father.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

— Philippians 4:13

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