Informed Or Deformed? [Areas People Are Misinformed]

Informed Or Deformed? [Areas People Are Misinformed]

Are you informed or deformed?

Have you ever pondered on the areas people are misinformed or deformed in life?

Or even better!

What if you know 5 areas of life people have been misinformed, thereby making them deformed?

You’re in luck because that’s what I’m about to share with you.

Here, you’ll find 5 areas of life people are being misinformed.

You’ll find a comprehensive guide on how to stay informed so as to to avoid being deformed.

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Inform [Meaning]

Inform means to give an essential or informative principle, information or quality to someone. It also means to impart knowledge of some facts, state or events to someone.

Deformed [Meaning]

A deformed person is not just one with a distorted shape or form. It is also one who is uninformed.

An uninformed person is like a blind man.

Are You Informed Or Deformed?

Life itself is a mystery!

No matter how hard you try, you can never be able to grasp 100% of what life entails and that is what makes life interesting.

An informed man can never be deformed and such a man is set for success.

Who Are The Deformed?

The deformed, are those people who are misinformed, those who are living with an obnoxious perception of reality.

A misinformed man is a deformed one.

Areas Where People Are Misinformed

A lot of people are misinformed in so many areas of life, thereby making them deformed.

Most people are living with an obnoxious perception of reality and this is responsible for more than half of the frustration in the world today.

Here are 5 areas where people are misinformed;

A lot of people are misinformed in;

  1. Success,
  2. Working,
  3. Time Management,
  4. Maximizing Opportunities,
  5. Education.

In Success,

There are people in our world today who are of the opinion that success comes with being ok.

Most people in our world today thinks that success comes with being wealthy, influential and having all material things at their disposal.

Such people are misinformed, so they became Deformed.

Success is more than that.

If success were to be measured in wealth and material disposition, them we are of all men most miserable.

“Success is not making a lot of money, it’s not having a big house or a car, neither is having a lot of friends success. Success is the completion and the fulfilment of the original intent or purpose for your existence.”

— Myles Monroe

A man who is living a life of impact is said to be successful.

In Working

I’m sure you’ve heard the following phrase;

The only way to be successful in life is by working hard,

And that it is better to work smart than to work hard.

The phrase listed above are not entirely true and neither is it correct.

The people who says such are are oblivious of the fact that you can be able to do more work by combining hard work with smart work, and that you cannot work smart without working hard.

Working smart is like going for the easiest way out on every task. You can never know the easiest way out without working hard.

The people who live their life with the above mindset are mostly frustrated, because they were not informed so they are deformed.

Working hard is not the only way you can achieve success in life. Working hard can easily get you frustrated, tired and confused.

But if you combine hard work with smart work, you can accomplish any task nearly effortlessly.

In Time Management,

A lot of people are living their lives like they own time. Others procrastinates, and this tends to waste a greater portion of their time.

Most people derive great joy in wasting their time, and when cautioned, they say;

“There’s still time”

One thing most people are ignorant of is that, there’s time for everything.

To everything under the earth, there’s a time and a season

— Ecclesiastes 3:1

There’s enough hours of the day for you to accomplish any task you hope to accomplish.

“You cannot avoid the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”

— Abraham Lincoln

The people who are not maximizing their time are misinformed, and a misinformed man is a deformed man.

In Maximizing Opportunities

There are people in our world today, who are of the opinion that opportunities are very rare, and as such, they should be grabbed when gotten.

The correct fact in the above phrase is that opportunities are very rare.

Be informed now, Not all opportunities are meant for you.

The main reason most people die before their time is because they rushed at opportunities that weren’t meant for them.

Your capacity to identify opportunities that are meant for you is the first step to Maximizing it.

Most people have been misinformed in life, and that’s the main reason for their inability to achieve success in life.

In Education

More than half of worlds population are of the opinion that being educated is equivalent to getting a good job, being rich and successful.

Despite being educated, there’s a high chance that you’ll be poor.

That’s one of the reason why there are so many frustrated people in the world.

As humans, by nature we are intelligent. To be educated is to learn how to use your intelligence.

The main purpose of going to school is not to acquire wealth but to acquire knowledge. Money is one of the many things that knowledge could bring.

In life, we seem to be ignorant of our out mental potentials, but education gives us an exposure. It teaches us to understand our intelligence and helps us to make use of it.

Intelligence is a natural gift that has been infused in every human being, education is the key to unlock our intelligence.


If you are not updated, it’s only a matter of time before you become outdated.

When you are informed, you’ve already been prepared for success.

The 5 areas listed above, are the areas people are being misinformed in life, thereby making them deformed.

Which of the areas do you agree with?

Leave your answers in the comments below;

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