10 Tips For Impacting Lives And Situations Around You

Impacting lives Positively is one of the most significant achievement you can ever make.

It’s not by how long you spent on this world; it’s by the number of lives you transformed positively with your lifestyle.

I know a boy who was so intelligent, Ben. He had a bright future ahead of him. Ben held so many promises of a great dream.

I was recently told that Ben is now a nuisance; he had lost his glorious future. The world had poorly influenced him, and his life took a drastic turn for the worse.

Nelson Mandela impacted more lives than you could ever imagine. He had a dream that one day his country South Africa would be free from its colonial masters.

He suffered a lot. He was imprisoned. But he was undeterred, and his great dream came to reality. South Africa is currently a free country.

His determination, exemplary lifestyle and hard work despite all that has happened have impacted more lives than everyone else.

Generations that have gone and generations yet unborn will be encouraged and motivated by his lifestyle.

Nelson Mandela has made an impact in the world, and it will last for a long time, probably forever.

What impact have you made?

Meaning Of Impact.

Impact is a direct effect on something or someone. It is the power to bring about a result on another.

Impact is the quality of an utterance that provokes interest and produces an effect.

Impact is not just the positive effect you have on someone, impact is more than influence. It is the legacy you leave behind for the generations yet unborn. It is the greatest achievement.

Impact is the influence that is made on someone, something or situation.

It is a force that’s set to change the course of something or someone for the better.

Impact is otherwise known as Legacy.

Legacy is a piece of ones’ history left behind for following generations to experience.

Are You Making Impact Or Being Impacted?

Every day, I see a lot of people who are supposed to impact positively in the lives of men, being negatively affected by society.

You can either make an impact or a negative influence on situations or people. A negative influence on someone is not impact. Your primary duty as a human being is to change lives positively.

There are two types of people in the world;

  1. Those who carry out changes in the world and
  2. Those who are being changed by the changes carried out in the world.

The above phrase seems confusing, right?

The first set of people are those who do not allow their environment, situation and background to define their today and tomorrow. They are changing their conditions to be in sync with their dreams and visions. They are impacting lives

While the second set of people are those who take everything the way they see it, they’ve successfully resigned to fate. Their background, situations and people are influencing their lives. They are being impacted on instead of making impacts.

Impacting lives is one of the most significant achievement you can ever make in life.

Imagine living a life and not impacting on anyone, anything or situations around you? It’s like not living at all.

You are to make impacts on people around you, your environment and situations.

But in our world today, the reverse is the case.

I have even seen servants riding horseback like princes—and princes walking like servants!

— Ecclesiastics 10:7

Here’s a question;

why will a servant ride on horseback and princes working like servants?

That is an error in the highest order.

You are supposed to make impacts in the world, but instead, the world is influencing you negatively.

That is not the plan and PURPOSE of God for your life.

Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

— Matthew 5:16

How Do I Impact Lives And Situations Around Me?

Do you know why most people are forgotten when they die?

They are forgotten when they die because they made no achievement; neither did they impact lives.

Making impacts on many lives is very important; it is the lasting legacy you are going to leave behind eventually.

You can impact lives following the steps below;

  1. Make Up Your Mind On Impacting Lives,
  2. Don’t Be Afraid Of Challenges,
  3. Work Towards Achieving Your Dreams,
  4. Take advantage Of Today,
  5. Be Persistent,
  6. Live A Purpose Driven-life,
  7. Unravelling Your Potential,
  8. Go The Extra Mile,
  9. Have Integrity,
  10. Believe God For Impartation.

Make Up Your Mind On Impacting Lives,

The human mind is the greatest asset bestowed upon us by God.

Making up your mind is the first step to impacting lives positively for the best.

Tell yourself that you can do it, you can do anything so long you put your mind to doing it.

The human mind holds the power of recognition and intention; you move high mountains and cross mighty oceans if you put your mind to it.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Challenges,

The second step to impacting lives is to start seeing challenges as opportunities and not as obstacles. Stop being afraid of challenges.

You can overcome challenges.

Challenges aren’t there to make you sad or make you miserable; they are a regular part of your life because without them, you’ll never be as reliable and high as you are supposed to be and without challenges, you’ll never be able to unravel your Potential.

Your purpose, potential and vision are the keys you need to make a long-lasting impact in the world.

You can never make an impact without challenges.

The worlds greatest Neurosurgeon, Been Carson, took hold of a challenge, Siamese twins were one of the most challenging and complicated operations in the world, but Ben was unperturbed by the fact that it was a RISK.

He took advantage of it and now, he has made a long-lasting impact in the world.
Fear is a destroyer of potential and also a motivator.

You should never be ashamed of challenges because the road is not going to get more comfortable as you get, it’s going to be more difficult and more complicated than it was before.

Work Towards Achieving Your Dreams,

People and situations around you cannot only be impacted through your lifestyle, but they can also be affected through your dream.

Nelson Mandela had a dream that one day his people the South Africans would be free form being ruled by their colonizers.
His dream impacted people positively in the past and is going to affect more.

No great dream can be achieved without a cost, that’s why you have to achieve it. It’s the price you’ll pay to achieve your dream that’ll influence people positively or negatively.

Take Advantage Of Today,

Today is a perfect time for you to do anything you ought and want to do.
People of impact are men and women who took advantage of their today.

They didn’t allow their yesterday to determine their today. They took advantage of today and now, their tomorrow impacted lives positively for the best.

Most people procrastinate, and procrastination is a dangerous addiction, it is a thief of time. Giving up procrastination is possible, and it is not as difficult as it seems.

Do everything you have to do today.

Be Consistent,

Never relent in your effort; keep doing what you know how to do.

Your ability to continue despite all the pressure from people is Persistency.

Continue pushing forward, never give up in your effort to impacting lives positively.
Consistency is one of the greatest gifts that men of impact possess. It is a rare gift.

Not everyone can continue doing what they are doing when faced with challenges, but a man aspiring towards impacting lives will possess the spirit of persistency.

Living A Purpose Driven-life,

Learn to live a purpose-driven life.

Purpose driven-life is a life driven by purpose.

Purpose is something that one hopes or intends to accomplish or something set up as an object or end to be attained.

Let Purpose be the force that driving your life forward.

Most people are living by chance; those people have been influenced negatively by the world they were supposed to impacts.

A man of impact must learn to live a purpose driven-life because that’s what distinguishes him from others.

If you live a purpose-driven life, your lifestyle will motivate and educate others.
Purpose driven-life = Impact.

Unravelling Your Potential,

Do you know that you can impact lives and situations around you?
That is your potential, and you must unravel your potential.

Potential refers to unrealised abilities; it is also latent qualities or skills that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness.

Your potential is your hidden ability; it is what distinguishes you from every other person in the world. It is your unique gift.

You can do more than you think or know, you have the potential to do anything you want to do in life.

Everything had been made available to you.
You have the power to change situations and people around you. It’s in you.

Go The Extra Mile,

Before you can impact lives or situations around you, you must be ready to do something that the others aren’t doing. You must go the extra mile.

You must do what no man had done before and achieve what no man has ever made, and you must be ready to break new grounds.

A man of impact must distinguish himself from the rest.

Impacts are not located on the surface of the Earth, it takes hard work and extraordinary feats to accomplish them.

Have Integrity,

In addition to that, people of impact are men and women of integrity. They live by the truth. Influence comes from a life of Integrity.

Integrity is the quality or state of being complete or undivided. It also means steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.

Integrity means undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting.

You’ll agree with me that people of integrity are scarce and hard to come by these days.

That’s why people of impact are tough to find these days.

Integrity is a quality that governs and direct everything you do in life, your actions and what you say.

Impact cannot be made manifest without the quality of being honest and having moral ethics.

Keep your conduct among the Gentiles honourable, so that when they speak against you as evildoers, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day of visitation.

— 1 Peter 2:12

Believe God For Impartation.

The only way to make impacts is to unravel your potential and discover your purpose.
God can help you do both.

To impact on the world and situations around you positively, you must have been imparted by God.

A man of impact is a man that has been imparted by God.

Without being imparted by God, you cannot make a lasting impact on anyone, anything and situations around you.

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

— Philippians 4:7


Those are the most critical steps on
Impacting lives and situations around you.

Which of the following steps did you find most useful for yourself? Which of them are you going to apply first?

Leave your answers in the comments below;

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    This is a relevant post about the importance of mindset in determining your impact. I love the quote you use that ” fear is a destroyer of potential.”

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