4 Important Tips On Getting Rid Of Habits And Addictions

Here are four essential tips on getting rid of habits and addictions.

There was a boy named Clement, an average student. At 16, Clement started hanging out with some friends who introduced him to smoking.

He started by smoking once in 3 days; from there, he made smoking his daily routine. He regularly smokes discreetly so as not to be caught by anyone. From smoking cigarettes, he topped up his game and started smoking cocaine.

A few months later, he made up his mind to get rid of his useless addiction to drugs. He tried hard, but he kept on going back to smoking cigarettes. Unknown to him, cocaine and cigarettes had already damaged his lungs.

Last time I heard of him, he was in a reform centre, he’s lucky to be alive.

Meaning Of Habit And Addiction

Habit is an acquired mode of behaviour or practises that has become nearly or completely involuntary. It is also a behaviour pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance.

Addiction is a chronic, physiological or psychological need for a habit-forming substance, behaviour or activity having harmful physical or mental effects. It is also a state of being physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance or behaviour.

It had been scientifically proven that it takes about 18 days for a new habit to be formed. Unlike habit, addiction takes less time, and that’s what makes it extremely dangerous.

You could have a habit of picking your nose or sleeping at a particular time, that’s completely normal you do that subconsciously. But when you get addicted to it, it becomes nearly impossible for you to control it, it grows beyond your will power.

Habits can be controlled, but addictions cannot be controlled.

Effects Of Habits And Addictions

The effects of addiction cannot be overemphasized.

About 89% of people are struggling with addiction to different things, be it drugs, pornography or masturbation.

Addiction is hazardous.

Addictions can hinder you from realising;

  • Your full potential,
  • Your dreams,
  • Your purpose.

Addiction causes;

  • Low self-esteem,
  • Procrastination.

Low Self Esteem

Low self-esteem is a lack of confidence and satisfaction in oneself.

Anybody addicted to something will eventually develop low self-esteem. And will begin to feel a sense of worthlessness which ultimately leads to depression.

They begin to regret ever being created, and this causes them to lose their self-respect.

Do you know that depression from the addiction to smoking causes more mental illness than the effects of smoking?

Once a person loses his/her self esteem, he/she become vulnerable to everyone. That’s why most kids are pressured into doing something they wouldn’t do on their own accord.

Self-esteem is the respect and value you have for yourself, and most addicts have already lost theirs.


Procrastination is the frequent or intentional delay of starting or finishing a task despite knowing it might have negative consequences.

An addicted person will always procrastinate because the time you have the urge to satisfy your addiction is the same time you have to complete a particular task. Since your will power is not strong enough, you satisfy your addiction at the expense of your time.

Assuming you previously had a habit and then into grew into an addiction, you’ll find out that the addiction is stealing much of your time.

People addicted to social media always waste valuable time online. They hardly do any chore; they are still online.

Tips In Getting Rid Of Habits And Addictions

Despite how bad addiction is, you can stop it. Yes, you can.

Don’t ask what is probable or not; simply ask what is possible from a physics perspective.

Now here’s a secret;

You can’t stop addictions or habits; instead, you can form another addiction or habit to override your previous addictions and habits.

— Favour Scott

In the end, your main habit should be winning, and you will be addicted to success.

Getting rid of your old habits and addictions is a challenge and challenges aren’t meant to make us weak but to make us tougher and better than we were.

The following tips will enable you to get rid of your habits and addictions.

  1. Make up your mind on stopping your habits,
  2. Never relent in your effort,
  3. Tell a friend,
  4. Seek the help of God.

Make Up Your Mind On Getting Rid Of Your Habits And Addictions,

I recommend making up your mind as a step on stopping anything or getting better is because the entity responsible for who you are is your mind.

As I always say, your mind is the most powerful tool.

Make up your mind on stopping those habits and dealing with those addictions.

Anything you put your mind to will be done.

When you put your mind power to work, you can get rid of those bad habits and addicting you aren’t so proud of.

You have the potential to become what you want to become and to achieve your vision

Don’t Relent,

Never relent in your effort to stopping those addictions and habits. Your determination is vital in your progress in life.

Everything depends on how strong your will is; you are who you are now because of one decision you made at one time or the other.

Don’t give up, the road will be a rough one.

Maximize your today for a glorious tomorrow.

Those habits aren’t going to be gotten rid of all at once, at a time you’ll go back on your promise and do it again, but tell yourself that you are better than this.

You are beautiful and perfect in your own unique way; everybody has their own flaws and weaknesses, that’s what makes us humans.

You can do it, you’ve done it before.

It’s a challenge to you and challenges aren’t meant to be easy, neither are they intended to break us, they are meant to improve us and make us stronger than ever.

Tell Someone About It.

Jose was a drug addict; the fear of being stigmatized made him not to tell anyone.

Here are tips in getting rid of your loneliness.

Stop feeling too lonely about it. Open up to someone. Loneliness can make you develop depression

Tell someone, be it a friend or a close relative, you can’t stop your addiction alone. Tell a friend your addiction and make him/her know your intention of getting rid of your addictions.

Forget about what people will say. Do you know why?

You think people will laugh at you and stigmatize you right? Listen, they’ll laugh at you when the addiction eventually leads to your destruction.

People’s opinion doesn’t matter in your life; you are one person and not them. Believe it or not.

Tips in getting rid of habits and addictions;

  1. Tell a friend you trust so much,
  2. Tell him your habits and addictions,
  3. Outline the specific time you carry
    out your habits and addiction,
  4. Find something doing at that particular be it a hobby or anything,
  5. Stay around friends and people,
  6. Tell a friend to always check on you.

No man is an island.

Seek The Help Of God.

As I always say, you can’t do far without God.

God is the only one capable of helping you get rid of your habits and addictions.

You can’t entirely stop your habit without Gods help.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other good thing shall be added unto you.

— Matthew 6:33

God love for you is unconditional, and it is not based on anything.

He has been waiting for you.

God loves you despite your addictions.

He can help you get rid of your addictions and discover your purpose. Seek him, and he’ll be your guide. He’ll help you and will not disappoint you.

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  1. Amanda Kerr

    These are great, I find the tips amazing and helpful. I think this will help people get rid of their addictions. Thanks!

  2. Lisa Marie Alioto

    I like to think of it as filling the gap. Not necessarily with another addiction, but fillng the void that that addiction left.

  3. Kimberlie

    My father was a smoker when my mother got pregnant. I’m always impressed with how he quit. When my mom came home from the hospital she told him he could stay in the house smoking, so he quit, cold turkey. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized just how difficult and close to impossible that is for people battling addictions and it makes me feel well loved. I agree those trying to break free of addiction need to be relentless and dogged in their pursuit of breaking away. It definitely helps if they have some important motivator and support system in place.

  4. Kimberley

    These are very helpful tips. I agree with your last point. God is our best bet when dealing with any situation. Thanks for sharing!

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    I can be a big procrastinator so this is really helpful. Thank you for this 🙂

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    a very well written article, moreover perfect timing to read this wonderful knowledge.

  8. Great perspective on replacing old habits with new ones. I also love the idea of seeking strength from God! But mindset is definitely key because you have to change your thinking before you can change your actions.

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    Great article! Lots of important information. Thanks for sharing!

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    Some great tips. Some addictions can be so destructive. It’s important to strive towards ending these addictions and building healthy habits, instead. Thanks for this article.

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