12 Proven Steps On Achieving Success [2020]

Achieving success has different definitions.

Everyone has their perception and definition of success.

The reason a lot of people are unsuccessful in life is that they have a wrong perception of success.

Achieving success in life is more than everyone thinks.

Here, you’ll find the meaning of success and twelve proven steps on achieving success in life.

Meaning Of Success?

Success refers to the achievement of one’s aim or goals. It also means a favourable or desired outcome.

Success is an event that accomplishes its intent or purpose. It is the fulfilment of one’s purpose, mission, goals or aspirations.

Why Are People Unsuccessful

Achieving success in life cannot be overemphasized.

The main reason a lot of people are unsuccessful in life is that they have a wrong perception of success.

A lot of people in our world today thinks that success comes with being wealthy, influential and having all material things at their disposal.

But success is more than that.

If success were to be measured in wealth and material disposition, then we are of all men most miserable.

“Success is not making a lot of money; it’s not having a big house or a car, success. Is not having a lot of friends. Success is the completion and the successful fulfilment of the original intent or purpose for your existence.”

— Myles Monroe

Success is achieving your vision and accomplishing your goals.

12 Proven Steps On Achieving Success

  1. Re-orientate Your Mind,
  2. Stay Disciplined,
  3. Get Rid Of Habits And Addictions,
  4. Work Hard Towards Achieving Your Goals,
  5. Stay Consistent,
  6. Recognize And Maximize Opportunities,
  7. Keep Good Company,
  8. Unravel Your Potential,
  9. Maximize Your Time,
  10. Overcome Challenges,
  11. Do not be afraid of failure,
  12. Praying Fervently.

Re-orientate Your Mind,

The human mind is God’s greatest gift to us humans. Your mind is your most powerful asset.

The human mind does not relent in its ability to make the impossible, possible.

One of the essential steps on achieving success is by reorienting your mind.

To re-orient your mind, you need to renew and retrain your mind.

Life battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man but, sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.

Your mind is like a clean slate, a fertile soil, anything planted on it needs just time before it starts producing result.

Harnessing the power of your mind is very important in achieving success

Renewing and retraining your mind is a crucial step in achieving life.

If you can renew and retrain your mind, your success is 60% assured.

Stay Disciplined,

Another essential step in achieving success is by staying disciplined.

Discipline is one of the unique characteristics of integrity.

Any success that was not built on disciplined is set for destruction.

A man with the aim to be successful must be disciplined. Most people are unsuccessful because of indiscipline.

Get Rid Of Bad Habits And Addictions,

To achieve success in life, you need to get rid of of your bad habits and addictions.

The things you are addicted to will go a long way in determining your being successful or not. Your habits matter a lot.

Successful people are addicted to things that’ll impact their life positively and not something that’ll destroy their lives and hinder them from achieving success.

Bad habits and addictions can hinder a person from achieving success in life.

You can be free of your bad habits.

Work Hard Towards Achieving Your Goals,

To be successful, you need to be hardworking.

“There's no successful person in the world who didn't work hard to be where they are today. Life is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.” Click To Tweet

Hard work is directly proportional to success, so long consistency is kept constant.

Learn to work hard in a smart way.

To most people, working smart means using the quickest possible way, shortcut. Shortcuts can cut short your life.

Stop working hard or working smart, start working hard in a smart way.

Stay Consistent,

While working hard, learn to stay consistent.

Consistency is the act persisting in a state despite mockery, scorn, not seeing any results and discouragements from people.

Consistency is an essential characteristic of successful people.

Hard work is directly proportional to success, so long consistency is kept constant.

A consistent spirit combined with a persistent spirit is equal to success.

Consistency And Persistency = Success

Recognize And Maximize Opportunities,

One of the quickest ways of achieving success is by recognizing and maximizing opportunities.

To maximize opportunities, you need to be hardworking.

You can have an opportunity and never get result until you learn to be hardworking.

Not all opportunities that come your way are meant for you.

You can learn to identify opportunities that are meant for you.

You can achieve success by maximizing opportunities.

Keep Good Company,

The people you move with have a way of determining how your life is going to be in a few years.

Be ye not deceived, evil communications corrupt good manners.

— 1 Corinthians 15:33

People of like mind moves together.

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens the face of his neighbour.

— Proverbs 27:17

A man with the aim of being successful must mind the kind of company he keeps.

To be successful in life, you need to move with people that impact positively in your life.

Unravel Your Potential,

To achieve success, you need to unravel your potential.

You need to know what you can do; unravelling your potential is one of the fundamentals of success.

You need to unravel your potential so you can believe in yourself.

Believing in yourself is a vital key in achieving success.

If you do not unravel your potential, you won’t be able to know what you can do.

Maximize Your Time,

One of the fundamentals of success is maximizing your time; doing the right things at the right time.

A lot of people are unsuccessful in life because they are doing the right things at the wrong time and the wrong things at the right time.

Achieving success can never be possible if you do not maximize your time.

Overcome Challenges,

Challenges are a part of your life that you cannot escape.

To be successful, you need to learn to conquer challenges.

Challenges aren’t meant to make your life difficult, neither are they intended to weaken you; challenges are intended to make you stronger, bigger and better than you were.

Do not be afraid of failure,

The primary thing limiting most people from achieving success is the fear of failure.

Most people are afraid of failing; everyone wants to be successful, but there’s no successful man or woman in the world who haven’t encountered failure.

Year’s back, I came across this;


First Attempt In Learning.

The fear of failure is what’s going to propel you to greater heights in life.

Praying Fervently.

Fervent prayer is the most crucial key to being successful.

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

— Psalm 37:4

Your success in life is not guaranteed if you don’t pray.

Prayer is the key.


Those are the essential steps to achieving success in life.

Success is complicated than everyone thinks. Achieving success is as important life itself.

Which of the following steps did you find best?

Leave your answers in the comments below;

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