6 Proven Steps On Accomplishing Your Goals

Accomplishing goals in life is an essential aspect of life. Here are six proven steps that will enable you to achieve your goals

Todd had a goal of finishing his project in 3 months. He made a promise to himself that on accomplishing his intentions before the stipulated time.

But he had a significant challenge, Procrastination. He had the mindset that three whole months is a long time and that he had enough time to do whatever he pleases.

He usually spends most of his time doing unnecessary things, as common with those who have the habit of procrastination, while he’s done wasting his time, he starts regretting. But still found it hard to change.

He successfully wasted two whole months and was saddened by it. Todd found it hard to believe that the time he hoped to spend in accomplishing his goals was nearly over.

In the long run, he became despondent and vowed to finish his project no matter what. But he continued with his habit. Few days to the time he was given to submit his plan, he started fidgeting, and then he made up his mind to complete his project.

He tried his best, but it was too late. He ended up failing that course, which means that he’s going to have to retake the course next year

Meaning Of Goal


Goal is the end towards which effort is directed. It also means a result that one is attempting to accomplish.

It is something that one aims at or intends to accomplish within a specific time.

Have You Accomplished Your Goals?

Accomplishing Your Goals

There’s almost no one without a goal in life. Everyone has an aim, something they wish to accomplish at a particular point in their lives.

Accomplishing your goal is very important in life.

At the beginning of the year, you must have written some goals you hope to accomplish within a specific period.

Have you accomplished those goals?

When your goals are not achieved, they become mere dreams.

Success is the accomplishment of your goals.

Steps In Accomplishing Your Goals

Steps in accomplishing Your Goals

Accomplishing Your goals is very important.

I’ve highlighted six proven steps on accomplishing your goals below;

  1. Making Up Your Mind,
  2. Getting Rid Of Bad Habits And Addictions,
  3. Do Not Be Afraid Of Challenges,
  4. Make Small Achievable Goals every day,
  5. Take Advantage Of Today,
  6. Maximise Opportunities,

Making Up Your Mind,

Mind - Accomplishing Your Goals

Make up your mind that you want to accomplish your goals.

You can never accomplish your goals without making up your mind.

Anything you set your mind to is half-accomplished.

Your mind is the seat of consciousness, responsible for processing feelings and emotions accountable for attitudes and actions.

To accomplish your goals, you need to make up your mind and tell yourself that you want your goals accomplished.

When you tell yourself that, your mind begins to work in that direction and soon enough, you’ll start seeing results.

Your goals accomplishment depends on your will power.

Getting Rid Of Bad Habits And Addictions,

Sad girl

Your habits and addictions have a unique way of stopping you from accomplishing your goals.

So, to accomplish your goals, you need to do away with your bad habits.

Your habits and addictions can be a stumbling block to accomplishing your goals.

For instance, a person who has a habit of procrastinating will find it difficult to accomplish his/her’s goals.

If you have the habit of procrastination, you will never be able to do anything. Your goals will end up as mere imaginations. You can STOP PROCRASTINATING.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Challenges,

Climbing mountain

Challenges are a part of life, and you can never escape from them.

For you to accomplish your goals, you need to stop being afraid of challenges.

As I always say, Challenges aren’t meant to break us or make us weak; They can make us stronger, better and bigger than we were before.

You can overcome your challenges.

Your goals are going to be met with lots of challenges; your ability to overcome them is what matters.

Make Small Achievable Goals Every day,

Accomplishing Your Goals

One of the easiest ways to accomplishing your goals is by making small achievable goals every day

It’s like making a schedule, make a plan on the number of goals you wish to achieve for the day and make sure you meet them.

It is one of the most yielding steps, and if correctly applied, it is more effective.

Take Advantage Of Today,

Man checking time

There is no right time to doing something; the right time to do whatever you want to do is now.

Maximizing your time is key to accomplishing your goals.

Today is the best time to do anything you wants to do.

To accomplish your goals, you need to be able to spend your time wisely.

Failure to maximise your time will hinder you from accomplishing your goals.

Recognising And Maximizing opportunities.

Happy girls

To accomplish your goals, you need to learn to recognise and maximise opportunities.

Maximising and realizing opportunities is one of the quickest ways to accomplishing your goals.

You can never be able to accomplish your goals if you don’t maximise opportunities, you will never be able to achieve your goals.


Those are significant steps in accomplishing your goals.

Which of the steps above do you find more appealing to yourself?

Leave your answers in the comments below;

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  1. Kimberlie

    You are absolutely right about these 7 steps to accomplishing goals. Procrastination is one of the worst issues with goal attainment.

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    really great tips thanks for sharing

  4. Natalie

    This is a great post. It can be hard to achieve your goals if you’re not determined to do so. The points you’ve listed are really important to getting there though. I think procrastination is a problem for many and it’s something that needs to be tackled properly. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love goal setting. I think these are all important steps – especially breaking down big goals into actionable steps!

  6. Lina

    Goal setting is so important! These are great tips.

  7. Amanda

    I completely agree that spending time to get at the root of your procrastination is important. In many cases, awareness of the procrastination is an important first step. Great post – thanks for sharing!

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